Brony Provides Bedroom Tour To Prove That He’s No Man-Baby, Horse Fetishist

02/08/2017 Team Ball Out

This guy makes a clear case for why he isn’t a “Man-Baby” or a horse fetishist with the following compelling evidence:

1. Check out all of his toys, artwork and video games.

2. Airsoft guns aren’t for babies.

3. Anti-depressants and other pills aren’t for babies.

4. Ponies aren’t technically horses, so liking a pony doesn’t make you a horse fetishist.

5. Someone who is mentally scarred doesn’t read documentary type books.

6. There are no diapers ANYWHERE to be found in his bedroom. Check the drawers even.



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  • ILoveMen

    I don’t care if he’s a brony, I want his butthole on my face! HOTTTTT!!!!

    • ReplayGoblin

      You could always message him on YouTube I guess. I wouldn’t open with that though…