BOGC #25 – Legends Live Forever: Satoru Iwata Is Gone

07/16/2015 Team Ball Out

Nintendo President and prolific game designer Sotaru Iwata is gone, but his legacy will live forever. Not just in the games he made, but in the minds he inspired. It’s hard to even imagine what the video game industry would look like without him, so today we celebrate his life.

We discuss the impact of Iwata’s games and Nintendo had on our early lives

Voicemail from a mysterious Chinese caller

Ball Out Gamercast received major props from another podcast, The Wandering Gamer. The host got hyped off of our resolve to podcast through adversity. JUST KEEP GOING.

Parents are pissed off over a controversial Star Wars action figure, but we think it’s a bunch of crap

YuckyChucky puts his sister on blast for not taking care of her Tamagachis and Gigapets


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