The Many Ways Luigi Is Dissed

12/05/2014 Team Ball Out

Everyone jokes about Luigi being the inferior, less loved brother of Mario – but here’s actual proof that he’s being hated on in multiple ways by pretty much everyone (especially Nintendo).


He was barely an irrelevant speck on the cover of Mario Party 9. In fact, there’s definitely a random bug eyed fish that’s five times his size chillin’ in the corner.Luigi3

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He’s stripped of his masculinity despite that mustache. Nintendo has made it clear that he will NEVER be king.


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His Wii-mote is the only one on sale. Why don’t they just throw him in a garbage can already?Luigi1

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Plus, no one gives a $hit about him.


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When he wins, he is immediately catapulted into the stratosphere – never to be seen again.



But not everything about him is so bad..



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Just fuck our shit up

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