Practice Squad & Injured Reserve Football Sim Coming To Consoles Soon?

02/03/2017 Team Ball Out


This is unconfirmed, but it looks like gamers worldwide are finally getting the game we’ve been waiting for. An NFL Practice Squad and Injured Reserve Simulator!

One on one drills allow you to practice hard and get coached up at the same time

Stunning HD graphics and attention to detail. Notice the tents in the background for press and medical staff

The indoor practice facilities are just as impressive

Blocking drills are just a small part of the workload you will take on as a practice squad player

Other  features include:
Schedule weekly rehab appointments with your doctors
500+ of hours of scouting film
Choose your own roommate
Online Multiplayer
Clipboard Challenge
Assistant Coach Mode

No word on when this drops, but Madden is probably shitting its pants right now.


Be kind in the comments below.. Just kidding, fuck the comments up!

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Just fuck our shit up

  • brandon!!!

    is this real?

    • ReplayGoblin

      Should be hitting GameStops worldwide by 2016

  • First! Oh wait, that’s not good… this is our own shit lol

  • essej