BOGC #11 – Why YuckyChucky Is Getting A Real Doll

04/01/2015 Team Ball Out

This is YuckyChucky writing this. Basically in this show I explain that I attempted online dating the previous night but have now concluded that a Real Doll is my next romantic venture. We also debate whether retro games are still fun and I administer a GTA voice acting test to Thrizzle. This one’s a doozy. […]

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BOGC #1 – Introductions Are Awkward

01/26/2015 Team Ball Out

Holy shizzle, we just launched a podcast! This is our first episode of The Ball Out Gamercast, so forgive us if we are total noobs. In this episode we didn’t really know what to do. We wanted to avoid traditional introductions so instead I wrote a mini-screenplay for Thrizzle and I to perform. Our acting […]

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