“Real Doll” Unboxing.

Watch this man's joy as he unboxes his 84 pound silicone doll.

Weirdo Traps Himself Inside of A Video Game.

One man takes cosplay to the next level and physically transports himself inside World of Warcraft. Let's hope his cardboard armor and weapon can hold up.

Lil B’s Gaming Collection ((BASED)PS2)

Real wrestling fans know what's up.

Why Jak 4 and NSFU3 Need to Happen

This article was going to be some lame V.R article. However something has just come over me that makes me feel compelled to write about something else. And that something else are sequels that need to be made, and the...

What The Virtual Reality Revolution Will Really Look Like

Well all I can say is that Rule 34 exists for a reason. But in all seriousness, even though this is a funny video, the cold truth of the matter is that the virtual reality revolution will probably more or less res...

The Music Game Has Been Destroyed

WARNING: EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT MUSIC IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! And no genre of music is safe. Country, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dad-Rock, it doesn't matter, in the back hills of Tennessee one crack addict is fittin to take eve...

Brony Convention

Partying has never looked so bad.

Awkward E-Sports Interview

An e-sports athlete gives it his all in a virtual competition but doesn't give anything in the interview.

How to live it up in Bali

A guide to partying in a 3rd World country. For fuckwits by fuckwits.

3rd Day of Cringe-Mas: Meme Rapper

Rapping is dead because this young man just killed the alphabet with those bars. If he keeps spitting like this he'll have his own record deal and be cruising around spitting fresh memes at the ladies.

The Star Wars Rap Song We Deserve – Turn Down For Hutt!?

This is the jam of the millennium... see what I did there? :D

Guy Sings Halo Theme In Empty Church. Kills it.

Usually when I go into an empty church all I get is holy water thrown on me. Only once or twice have I been surprised by an A Capella performance of an iconic video game theme.

BOGC #20 – Gamers With Depression

Hooray, Thrizzle's back! Today we learn about: Thrizzle surviving a scary plane ride home Why he hasn't played Witcher III yet, it turns out he's addicted to Heroes of the Storm YuckyChucky explains ...

BOGC #19 – Clash Of Clans Earns Millions A Day

Today on The BOGC: Thrizzle is still missing, presumably lost inside a video game so we are joined with Alfred English as a co-host Alfred destroys Thrizzlebot and hurts YuckyChucky's feelings We have f...

BOGC #18 – Meet Brandon The Hentai Guy

In today's episode: Thrizzle has gone missing, he apparently ran away to live inside of a video game full time but we couldn't find him Luckily, YuckyChucky invented "ThrizzleBot" his temporary replacement...