Meet The Rat Boy Who’s Been Hiding in Beyonce’s House

10/16/2016 Team Ball Out


We have it on good word that a rat boy has been living between the walls of Beyonce’s palatial estate. The pop star was recently alerted to this pesky intruder after a trail of “big, weird rat poops” lead her to a small pit of despair, where the young vermin had been living for several months. After a standoff with animal control, the rascally rat boy was captured and is currently being detained at an area animal shelter.


What we know about the rat boy: 

  • He is around 12 years old
  • He’s currently being held at a humane society somewhere in Los Angeles County
  • A small cache of plus sized pornography and homemade weapons were found in his nest
  • Despite squatting in Beyonce’s mansion for over 18 months, he has never actually heard a Beyonc’e song
  • LOVES cheese



Just fuck our shit up

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