Mario Got His Butt Licked By A Frog

11/20/2017 Team Ball Out


I sit down at my battle station, pull out a brand new Ticonderoga #2 pencil, sharpen it to a fine point and jot down these words: “This is Mario getting his butt licked by a frog”. Suddenly my spirit elevates above my body because I know I’m an ascended journalist. I look down on myself and give a cocky smirk/chuckle, realizing how exquisite my life is turning out. In this moment, I am euphoric because, spoiler alert: just look at me.

Example of how my life is going:


Anyway, for some reason I’m talking all this shit like I’m awesome for finding a pic of Mario getting his butt licked by a frog. There’s probably some truth in that.

Eat up.

Getting close…







Oh shit, there’s footage too!

I’m mildly ashamed of myself. Just rimjob the comments below 👇

Just fuck our shit up

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