I Was Transported To A Mental Paradise By Listening To Old AOL Sounds

02/13/2018 Team Ball Out

AOL universe

When life gets rocky, when you’re sad and you’re scared and you don’t know where to turn or who you can count on, you can count on me. Mostly because I may have found a cure for depression, or at least I tried my best to.

All you need to do is fire up some old sounds from America Online and let your brain do the rest. Trust me, the human brain knows exactly what to do when it hears “You’ve got mail!”. It goes into a state of instant healing. It soothes your inner child and also makes you feel like angels are hugging you while you take a bong rip. There will be no pain, and better yet – you just need to watch a short YouTube video to reap the benefits!

Prime AOL sounds:


Caution: this may make you feel so good that your soul levitates above your body and you get hella moist – so listen at your own risk.

Comment below if AOL sounds cured your depression and whatnot.

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