Gamer Clan’s Epic Entrance…. That No One Cared About

01/22/2017 Team Ball Out

Don’t you hate it when you and all your gamer bros break out your finest Anonymous masks and try to wake up all the sheeple at the gaming tournament, but no one even looks up or cares?

That’s okay, let the masses enjoy their chemtrails and jet fuel, boys.

via  Revolution Gods

Just fuck our shit up

  • Wow, I’ve never felt so amazing to be me, and you know – not any one of those people.

    • ReplayGoblin

      LOL dude you win an invisible prize for that comment.

      • Well, if anyone I know needs a confidence boost, I’ll be sure to recommend they watch this video.

        • ReplayGoblin

          You’re funny as hell man. I think you get the sense of humor around here. If you’re interested in writing or contributing to the site in any way, hit me up

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