Brawl Explodes At Internet Cafe (Fight Breakdown)

05/01/2017 Team Ball Out

Imagine you are sitting an internet cafe playing your favorite game, or perhaps discreetly popping a boner to some Hentai, when an idiot bursts through the door and tries to kick your ass. Well, this happened to an Asian dude in a purple t-shirt – but he 100% did not get his ass kicked. In fact, he humiliated the bozo who dared test him.

Here’s what happened:


Tank Top Bozo (TTB) comes through door. Purple Shirt Dude (PSD) is kicking back rubbing his belly and stuff.


TTB lunges at PSD and tries to land some blows


PSD says “NOPE”, gets up and overtakes his attacker


PSD takes TTB to the ground. This is where things start to look grim for TTB


Yep, it’s grim. He keeps getting punched in the face


until PSD is pulled off of him


and TTB is escorted out (after getting his fucking ass kicked).

If you have a problem with this article come fight me at an internet cafe, or just fuck up the comments below.

Just fuck our shit up

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