BOGC #23 – Hidden Gems Of The Ball Out Gamercast

07/09/2015 Team Ball Out

Hop in our time machine and join us as we look back at the LEAST popular episodes of the Ball Out Gamercast.

That’s right, we dive into our shows with the least listens and pull our favorite clips!

They include:

YuckyChucky recalling his short stint as a video game store employee, he quit after a day and a half – in the middle of his shift.

The creepy Real Doll repairman we featured and how WorldStar HipHop posted his video a couple weeks after we did!

A conversation on violence and video games

Brandon the Hentai Guy recalls how he got addicted to Hentai and almost dropped out of school over it

Thrizzle shares a story about how he used to wrestle on the playground in elementary school

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