BOGC #22 What’s Cooler Than Raptors And Japanese Schoolgirls?

06/25/2015 Team Ball Out

First of all, we got a studio set back up after the stupid flood incident!

Today we read inspiring letters from fans, that bring peace and hope for the children

We find out if the listener in Tokyo is in fact a hot Japanese nerd girl who loves YuckyChucky

Weird gamer nerd parties are discussed – Thrizzle had to whoop a dude on Naruto and YC had an incident with a machete because he was drawing animal sex scenes at a party

Audio from a guy crying at a Smash Bros tournament and a very bad kid fakes sick to stay home from school and stream Call of Duty. His mom bitches him out live on the stream

Flappy Bird inspires YC to keep going with the podcast?

Thrizzle becomes a stamp collector and more!!

Just fuck our shit up

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