BOGC #1 – Introductions Are Awkward

01/26/2015 Team Ball Out

Holy shizzle, we just launched a podcast! This is our first episode of The Ball Out Gamercast, so forgive us if we are total noobs.

In this episode we didn’t really know what to do. We wanted to avoid traditional introductions so instead I wrote a mini-screenplay for Thrizzle and I to perform. Our acting skills are 10/10. We also enjoyed reading a story from reddit about a kid who got stuck playing Jurassic Park on Super Nintendo at a classmates house. It was mostly weird because the dad was a morbidly obese man eating fried seafood and criticizing him the whole time.

ALSO, we announce an important goal for the show.

Here’s a quick video from opening day at the studio. Broadcasting live from ya mom’s ass.

Podcast studio is up, broadcasting live from and alien mothership

A video posted by Matt Spencer (@swagless_spence) on


Just fuck our shit up

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